Best Natural Birth Control Methods

Are you wondering how you can prevent pregnancy safely and reliably without the use of birth control pills? There are many natural birth control methods which have been tested and proven scientifically to be very effective. They also help in eliminating some of the risks associated with birth control pills. Some of these side effects include the following:

  • Increased risks or breast cancer
  • Increased risks of stroke, blood clotting and heart attack
  • Migraines
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Changes in appetite or weight gain
  • Gallbladder disease and symptom.

It is, therefore, clear that these medications affect the functioning of the woman’s ovaries. Let us have a look at the natural methods used in birth control. You should note that the methods are only safe and efficient when they are used correctly.

Male condoms

Their effectiveness rate is 98% when used correctly. They are thus nearly effective as the medical pills. They could be having a lower effectiveness when not used properly. The same applies even for the female condoms.



A medical doctor fits these, and they are 885-945 effective. They are thin and soft rubber rings inserted into the vagina thereby covering the cervix and acting as an effective barrier to the sperms. They have a shelf life of two years when they are not in use. They cost about $ 70.

Temperature method

This involves pinpointing the ovulation’s day in order to avoid sex just for some days after and before the peak ovulation days. This method mainly involves taking the body temperature every morning with the help of an accurate thermometer. Note any rise in temperature which occurs after the ovulation process. Ovulation is known for causing a noticeable increase in the body temperature.

The temperature rise csagdgrwgan be tracked for some time. Doing this for some months will help you to determine your fertility pattern. You are therefore able to figure out accurately on the days you can avoid sex. The effectiveness of this method can be increased by combining it with mucus method. This combination gives a high success rate of about 98%. Temperature method has an effectiveness of 75% when used alone.


Female Condom

These are not familiar to many people. They are 95% effective. They do not tear easily compared to the male condoms.

Fertility Awareness/Natural family planning

It is one of the greatest methods that helps women to keep track of the natural cycles. This helps in identifying the fertility times. This method is also beneficial as it helps in the treatment of PMS symptoms and evaluation of the effects of stress caused by hormones/menstrual cycle.