Teeth whitening kits



Teeth whitening through the use of teeth whitening kits are a trend that is rapidly becoming popular these days. This method is also known as dental bleaching. With the use of these kits, one is able to obtain whiter teeth in cases wherein teeth discoloration had taken place.

Teeth discoloration happens for many reasons. The teeth may discolor from the outside factors or internal factors. The internal factors include taking certain drugs before the age of eight while outside factors include poor dental hygiene, consumption of fizzy drinks, regular consumption of tea or coffee or even use of tobacco.

What teeth whitening kits come with

The kits come with their manuals hence they are easy to use. The kits include dental strips, toothpaste and bleaching gels.


hdhdhd74The teeth whitening kits can be in the form of strips. These strips are placed on the enamel of the tooth for one to five minutes. After the stipulated minutes, the strip either dissolves in the tooth or is peeled off from the tooth. The strips usually contain up to 6 percent hydrogen peroxide which is used to bleach the tooth.

In most cases, the kits are homemade. They can be used on their own or could accompany the in-surgery bleaching procedure, which is also called the in-office procedure. The in-surgery bleaching procedure is where one has an appointment with the doctor who will bleach the teeth on the spot. This is usually done using a bleaching gel and LED lights.


Toothpaste is also a part of the teeth whitening kits. They contain little or no hydrogen peroxide hence not as effective as the strips or the bleaching gel. They can still be used to complement the in-office bleaching method or even the use of strips. Although they are less effective, they pose minimal harm to the teeth. They can be used in cases of minimal staining or maintaining that white glow in already bleached teeth. They are also way affordable than the strips or in-office bleaching.

Bleaching gels

These normally come with their own mouth trays. The bleaching gel could contain up to 35% of hydrogen peroxide or even carbide. The gel is put onto the teeth then the mouth tray covers the teeth. The gel stays on the teeth for at least an hour before rinsing. Moreover, one could keep the mouth tray on for the whole night. This may give better results. It could also harm the gum in case it spills. The beauty of it is that it whitens the front and backside of the teeth, unlike the strips.

Advantages of teeth whitening kits

hdhdhd874The teeth whitening kits are undeniably better than the in-office whitening. This is because the whitening kit strips contain a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide than the in- office procedure thus poses minimal harm to the tooth. The homemade whitening kits moreover have the capacity to whiten the teeth up to 6 to 7 shades lighter, unlike the in-office which only bleaches to 4 shades lighter.

Furthermore, these kits are easily accessible since they can be bought at the pharmacy or even ordered via the . In general, the teeth whitening kits have been proven to be a better and more efficient way to whiten teeth in the 21st century. Many people can now bleach their teeth without spending too much money and maintain white and attractive teeth. This has gone a long way in maintaining dental hygiene and better smiles to the people.

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